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LLM Architecture Design

Consult on the best server, GPU, and memory architectures to support smooth training and fast inference times for your preferred LLM. Recommend optimal on-prem infrastructure.

Custom LLM Development

Develop customized LLMs fine-tuned on your proprietary text corpus and data to power specialized applications like semantic search, data analytics, and more. Handle training, optimization, and benchmarking.

LLM Deployment & Maintenance

Install and configure LLMs on your on-prem infrastructure. Optimize for low-latency performance and scalability. Maintain and update models to improve accuracy over time.

LLM Integration

Integrate deployed LLMs into your existing software applications and workflows to enhance capabilities. Build necessary APIs, connectors, and microservices to enable seamless LLM utilization.

LLM Security Hardening

Harden model endpoints and access controls to protect intellectual property and maintain data privacy. Establish cybersecurity best practices tailored to mitigate LLM-specific risks.

LLM Ethics Review

Conduct risk assessments to identify potential biases and harms. Recommend techniques like controlled generation to mitigate ethical risks in your LLM applications.

Transforming The Way We Work with Large Language Models.

By leveraging optimized, Mid-performance hardware, we can now run powerful large language models locally, bringing advanced AI capabilities in-house. This allows organizations to enable new applications, gain deeper insights, and maintain full control over their systems and data – all without compromising performance, scalability or privacy.

Why Choose Us

Experience the limitless possibilities – with Adaptive-LLM

Tailor-made AI solutions for your unique business needs. Our locally developed large language models are custom-built from the ground up to align with your specific use cases, datasets, and growth goals. Take advantage of flexible, specialized LLMs designed just for you, not merely an off-the-shelf model. Partner with us for custom LLMs that truly fit your business.

Smart Solution

Scalable, Secure LLMs Tailored to Your Needs" Our team uses leading tools to build custom large language models locally, tuned to your data and workflows. This enables transformative AI capabilities and insights while ensuring privacy, security and control.

Certified Expert

Certified LLM Experts Focused on Your Success" Our team holds advanced certifications in large language model development, deployment, and integration. We utilize proven methodologies to deliver customized LLMs that maximize business value for your unique needs and use cases.


What they say about Adaptive-LLM

With the local LLM running on my own device, I feel confident that my personal data stays private. No third parties have access to my conversations like they would with a cloud-based system.

Sarah Thompson New York

Having an LLM that doesn't store or transmit my inputs over the internet gives me great peace of mind that my information stays secure. Local LLMs are the way to go for privacy protection.

Michael Kim California

I like that I can customize and train my local LLM without worrying about my data being used, stored or sold without my consent. Keeping my LLM interaction entirely on-device is the safest option.

Jennifer Wu Florida

F. A. Q

Frequently Asked Questions

Local models allow you full control of your data while enabling customized AI capabilities. You avoid cloud costs and latency while maintaining privacy.

We recommend servers with high-core count CPUs, plenty of RAM, and ideally Nvidia GPUs for optimal performance. Our team can advise on ideal configurations.

Our integration services make it seamless to utilize our localized models through simple APIs and microservices we develop.

We conduct rigorous testing and mitigation of biases and harms. Our models are tailored to your data to further improve alignment with your users and use cases.

Our team provides full training and support to equip your staff to maximize the value gained from the models.

We offer fully managed services for turnkey operation or à la carte support tailored to your needs. Our experts are always available.

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